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We do the legwork you stay in control

For Property Investors And Landlords:


If you own or are responsible for the management of a single property or a portfolio of freehold or leasehold, residential or commercial properties, we will save your time and effort and help you get more done - at no cost to you.

Ideal for investors and landlords who need assistance to organise maintenance works, larger projects, compliance and planned maintenance activities as well as needing support with acquisitions, sales and lettings. 

For Directors Of Residents Management Companies:


We provide the hands-on help and assistance, at no cost, to help you exceed the expectations and requirements of being a Director of your residents' management company, whilst reducing the amount of time you spend trying to get things done.

Ideal for self-managing blocks or estates where the Directors want to remain in hands-on control but would value help to get works done and assistance with obligations such as compliance. 


Also of help when Directors would like to provide access to property services for individual flats and units for tasks not normally handled by their traditional managing agents.

We Do The Legwork:


Each of our clients has a nominated Property Easy Facilitator to work with.  This is the person who you instruct to organise everything you need to help manage and add value to your property and community and who does the legwork for you.


Both directly and via our online helpdesk you can communicate with your Facilitator, track progress of any work we are organising for you, view management plans and information, ask us to organise quotes or to arrange work from any of your preferred suppliers. 

Find out more about some of the areas we can facilitate for you...

You Stay In Control:


We are not property managers or managing agents - but we are here to help you manage your properties easily and  efficiently and at no additional cost.

So, although we do the legwork, you are the decision maker and always remain in control.  We will present options for you (such as quotes) then implement your instructions.  You can always track progress and get information from your Facilitator and from the helpdesk.

We are, in effect, your outsourced property assistant, helping you to optimise the proactive care of your property or portfolio and providing additional peace of mind.

"We are not property managers, but we help others to be great property managers"

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