Frequently asked questions

Is Property Easy a managing agent?

No. We offer an alternative to the approach of the traditonal property manager or managing agent. We created Property Easy to support the person or company who is reponsible for the management or care of a property or estate. We are not the managing agent or property manager but we help make the person responsible for the property into a great property manager by being their outsouced assistant helping them get things done in a fraction of the time or effort it would otherwise take them.

What is the difference between a property manager/managing agent and Property Easy?

A property manager/managing agent takes overall responsibility for the care of the property and related funds and service charges. ....Property Easy assists and supports the reponsible person to enable them to manage their properties more effectively and efficiently and directly, withouth having to engage a full service property manager/agent. A property manaber/managing agent charges the property owner a fee for their service. ....Property Easy charges no fees to the property owner. A property manaber/managing agent requires their clients to commit to contracts and lock-in obligations. ....Property Easy does not require any lock-ins or contracts. We step in an help where there is a need - we do not require our users to hand over control to us.

Who should use Property Easy?

Property Easy is ideal for property owners, investors or Directors or Residents Management Companies who want to be actively involved in and responsible for the care of their properties. Property Easy is best suited to property owners who... * want to manage their own properties directly; * do not feel the need to engage a full service property manager/managing agent; * would prefer to manage their own property or portfolio but are concerned about the time and effort involved; * are responsible for managing blocks of flats or estates where the leases do not allow for a managing agent to be engaged; * already engages a traditional property manager or managing agent but requires a broader range of services than their traditional manager is able to offer Examples of who we are best positioned to help include: * independent freeholders who manage some or all of their own properties; * leaseholders or buy-to-let investors looking after their own properties; * Right-To-Manage companies managing, or wanting to manage their own block of flats or estate (particularly appropriate for smaller blocks where the full service of tradition block managers may not be appropriate...

How much does Property Easy cost?

Property Easy is FREE. Our income comes from subscriptions from the independent contractors and other property professionals registered with Property Easy.

Does Property Easy require contracts and commitment for specific periods?

We do not ask our users to enter into restrictive contracts and we do not require our users to commit for a specific time period. We are there to help our users when needed and at whatever level we are needed - we want to add value where needed and not force obligations onto our users.

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