We are your outsourced, online property assistant saving your time, cost and effort by organising the services, resources and facilities you need to make the management of your property or portfolio efficient, effective and easier.

When you join Property Easy...

...you will be allocated, at no cost, a...


...who will be your personal point of contact and work with you to source, organise and coordinate the contractors or other property professionals you need to progress your reactive and planned  tasks and projects and optimise the quality and value of your properties. 

We source and organise the resources you need from our network of independent contractors and other property professionals.

You can track and manage all current, future and past work and find useful information on your properties, suppliers and obligations at the...

Saving time, effort and costs for....


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"We are not your property manager or managing agent but we are here to help you to manage and care for your properties more efficiently and effectively whilst saving your time, effort and cost"

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