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Reduce your stress...We can now take care of the follow-up to your FH&S reports

Getting the fire, health and safety risk assessments done for your properties is vital, of course. But once you get the report the follow-up work can be time consuming and laborious and not doing it can cause problems too.

Once you have received your risk assessments from your consultants, Property Easy can now work with you to....

  • Review the action plan from the reports.

  • Organise quotes for the remedial works required as a result of the report.

  • Once you decide which jobs you want doing and when, we will coordinate the implementation of the works.

  • We will track the reports and re-inspections so you know when any follow up or re-attendance is required.

Please contact us to see how we can make managing your FH&S obligations easier, less time consuming and less costly.


Saving time, effort and costs for....


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